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Every month

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The POM Club

The POM (Painting of the Month) Club is for take-charge artists who want to paint creative designs for their personal use or for their business. 


Here's what’s included in this membership:

  1. A new acrylic painting added each month
  2. Line art for each painting
  3. Suggested colors for each painting
  4. (Opt.) Video tutorials may be included with some designs


Guidelines and reminders:

  1. Sell the art you create: You have permission to sell any art you create (based on The POM Club images/reference material) while you are an active member of this group.  However, you do not have permission to sell my paintings/drawings/tutorials to other businesses for them to make money or profit from.
  2. Use for your personal use or paint party business: While an active member, you may use the images for your own paint party business or to create products such as paint kits or decorative home decor.
  3. Links: If there is a video tutorial, please do not post the links to my private step-by-step YouTube videos or any other videos I provide for you, online publicly for anyone to see. (Videos may not be included with all designs.)
  4. No SPAM/advertising/self-promotions or poaching members: Please do not promote other programs, products or services in this membership.  Any inappropriate spamming, poaching, harassing or selling to other members will result in termination of membership.
  5. Be Kind: We are all aspiring artists seeking JOY in creating art.  Please keep a welcoming and encouraging environment, treating everyone with respect and kindness.
  6. If you leave the membership: If you decide to leave the membership, you no longer have any rights to my paintings/drawings/tutorials/documents you have gathered from this membership.

Please email me at: [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions!