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art that comforts colored pencil art joyful art your purpose Feb 24, 2023

Why am I here?

What is my purpose here on earth?

Ever ask yourself these questions? As each year passes by, I find myself asking if I am fulfilling my purpose here on earth.

Last year, the inspiration for my colored pencil dog portraits passed away. Princess was my first dog and I fell in love with her when my daughter Evy and I went to see her. I knew I had to bring her home so I paid her adoption fee and loaded her into the car. On the way home, my husband called and since I was driving, I handed the phone to Evy. In her 4 year old voice, she excited told him "we got a puppy!" His reaction is a WHOLE other story!

And thus unfolded 19 years of shenanigans with our beloved Princess. 

I created numerous portraits of her, teaching myself how to draw a dog in colored pencil, graphite pencil or pen and ink. This led to commissioned portraits which continue today.

Since bringing Princess into our home, we adopted Isabella, Coconut, Bear and Bunny Hope. Currently we share our home with Coconut, Bear and Bunny Hope. Each will probably have their own blog entry in the future.

This brings me back to "why am I here?".

When I create a portrait, it usually stirs up a well of emotion in the recipient. This is most notable with memorial portraits. I can make grown men cry with my art (documentable fact coming from numerous law enforcement officers!)

God gave me the ability to look at the world with a creative lens. He tasked me with creating art for others. He expects me to share that ability in meaningful ways. 

And so here I am. Creating art that strikes an emotional chord. As I gaze upon the image I had created for our annual Christmas card for 2022, I have tears in my eyes. When I photographed Princess she had a pink diaper on in the photo. Little did I know at that time, that her Rainbow Bridge wings would cover her modestly for this piece.

I hope she is waiting for me (along with Isabella) when it's my time to leave this earth. I sure hope St. Francis of Assisi is taking good care of her!


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